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A skilful team which is dedicated to helping you create insights from your building data.

At Opinum, we develop simple solutions that help you to keep track of your building data, including usage, consumption and others. Savings will come naturally through the appropriate mix of reports, insights and user awareness screens.


Vastly experienced in relevant sectors


Loic Bar

Loïc is a founder and CEO of Opinum. Previously, he worked for McKinsey & Company.

Chief Data Scientist & Founder

Jonathan Hubeau

Jonathan demonstrated 12 years of expertise in R&D projects in high technology as a scientist.


Mark Turcksin

With over 15 years experience in the field of marketing, CRM and business management.


Alexis Isaac

With an entrepreneurial spirit and always results oriented, Alexis founded and developed three companies.

Head of Development

Georges Legros

Georges is a founder and head of Development of Opinum. Previously, he worked for McKinsey & Company.

Administrative Assistant

Maude Berhin

Maude has a three-year experience in Executive Secretary.

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Marie Vandaele

Marie holds a degree from the UCL in Multilingual Business Communication. She has previous experience in Marketing.

Field Service Engineer

Alexandre Detiffe

As a R&D Engineer, Alexandre worked on the development of databased Android application for trucks tracking and temperature monitoring in the field of refrigerated logistics.

Software Architect

Denis Bollinne

With his Industrial IT training, Denis has experience in Tech lead @ McKinsey Solutions

Business Sales Manager

Ina Averhals

Ina is specialised in international entrepreneurship during her Master in Commercial Sciences at the KU Leuven.

Customer Excellence Specialist

Séraphin Vandegar

Séraphin has a five-year experience as a Team Coordinator for Proximus. He is specialised in IT Service Management and Project Management.


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