Smart, connected and seamless.

Opisense platforms seamlessly connect to your existing building technologies.

Advanced Building API

In and out building interaction made easy.

Technology Drawing

Intelligent and Interconnected

Run your business on clean and usable information.

Built for Flexibility

Opisense platforms speak the language of your building.

Tailored to your circumstances

Opisense integrates with many different building configurations. For example, if your buildings are equipped with sensors for automation, our data processors can pull that data using proprietary protocols, or open bus like BacNet, MBus, Mod-Bus, KNX, LonWorks and many more.

Data in, insights out

Opisense exposes a REST API and also acts as an FTP server that allows customers to push data in. Databases are fed by powerful data processors that handle of kinds of information. Even documents can be processed by our OCR technology. All of this data can then be exposed through our Building Data API and used in other applications

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Seamless Integration

Designed to to work with the apps you already use.

MCS Solutions

Data in opisense can be exposed to MyMCS. Alerts triggered in opisense can generate work order in MyMCS to follow the maintenance process.


opisense offers a very powerful integration with Excel allowing you to generate periodical automatate reports and even export these as PDF automatically

Power BI

Building beautiful dashboard and vizualisation based on data you collect and process in opisense.


Abnormal data from building can start a flow in Zendesk to make sure you can have an channel to communicate with your clients.

Energy Market Price

Correlate Building Data like energy consumption with the energy market and make good energy deals.

Coming Soon


Opisense platforms rely on a secure infrastructure and respect all security standards. Opinum and Opisense are audited by external companies to ensure that your information is completely safe at all times.

Opisense In Numbers

Cheaper, quicker and more experienced.

70% Cheaper

Proven to be 70% cheaper than an in-house solution.

4 Years of R&D

Opinum is dedicated to continually improving its products.

5x Faster

Our engineers are proud of their tireless work.

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