Weather observation (temperature, humidity, sunshine, etc.) for Ukkle, Melle, Retie, Middelkerke, Deurne, Florennes, Beauvechain, Keine-Brogel, Saint-Hubert, Bierset, Diepenbeek, Gosselies, & Luxembourg.

Name Unit Granularity
Temperature Celsius Degree 30 minutes
Sunshine Minute 30 minutes
Solar irradiation Watt-hour per square meter 30 minutes
Relative humidity Percentage 30 minutes
Wind velocity Meter per second 30 minutes
Wind direction Degree 30 minutes
Air pressure Millibar 30 minutes
Rainfall Millimiter 30 minutes
Max Temperature Celsius Degree 30 minutes
Min Temperature Celsius Degree 30 minutes

The Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) is a federal scientific institute that provides meteorological services and conducts research in the fields of meteorology and climate.

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