Name Unit Granularity
Spot €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour
Spot peak €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour
Spot offpeak €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour
Spot - Hour - 1-25 €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour
Spot Hour Contracts €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour
M+1-47 €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour
Q+1-4 €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour
Y+1-3 €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour
M+1 avg €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour
spot avg €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour
Cal2016 50-Day Moving avg €/Megawatt-hour 1 hour

Energymarketprice provides Content and technology solutions to the energy market. They digitise the Energy Procurement Landscape.

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