Data Hub Platform

The Data Hub platform exposes as one API all the features to collect, store, process and securely share data. It is the backbone to quickly develop timeseries data-oriented application in the energy & water sector.

  • Designed for Water & Power Utilities
  • Cost, time-to-market and risks
  • Open API
  • Extend to your specific needs

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Built on top of cutting-edge open-source technologies

Apache Cassandra

to store timeseries based data


to host micro-services
and ease deployment

RabbitMQ & Kafka

as messaging queue

Redis graph & MongoDB

to store the meta-data
and graph model

Exposing all the services you need


Alerts management

Define alerts based on parameterized pattern on your data and trigger email, SMS or Webhook notifications.

Analytics engine

Define post-processing calculation logic using R script. Apply machine learning model on your data.

Master Data Management

Continuously synchronize data entities from a master data system (ERP, MDM, etc.). Create entities, users & define security access.

Data Push

Push data to the Data Hub in near real-time. The service let you batch upload data or continuously ingest data.


Define webhook trigger for pre-defined events in the platform (creation or update of entities, ingestion of data, alerts, etc.)

User management

Create and define user role to access features and data


Configure period and automatic export of data using custom template definition in Excel or using Scriban

Data time-slicing

Time-slice timeseries data based on contract dates to let user see only the data he/she is authorized to see without duplicating data


Define endless relations between your project entities


Configure an authentication federation service using OAuth, SAML or OpenID

File storage

Store files (master data, timeseries data or other document) in a secure environment


Connect with any head-end, MDM, IoT system or devices with pre-defined connectors

Customized data model

Define your own meta-data model using forms and source template and variables definition.

And more services...

A Data Hub Platform that adapts to your needs

Scale from small to large utilities

Data Hub platform has already been deployed to small - & large-scale utilities.

Security by design

Data Hub platform is audited for penetration testing by Cyber Security partners of Opinum. Our security policy complies with Power & Water Utilities policies.

Extension API

The Data Hub platform has been built with extensibility in mind. You do not depend on Opinum to build your own data connector or data analytics module. You can use any language to extend the core feature of the Data Hub.

SaaS and OnPrem solution

Data Hub platform can be deployed on a multi-tenant cloud or on an OnPrem infrastructure and is built on top of Open Source technologies.

Support, Services & training

Opinum covers your back by providing on-boarding & customization services to fulfil your requirements, our support team is here to help. The infrastructure team monitors 24/7 the execution of the service and we train your operational team to fully support your customers.


Whether you are on SaaS or OnPrem offering, you always pay based on the usage you have of the platform. The yearly license for Data Hub platform is based on the number of devices / smart meters managed by the platform.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the scale and volume of data, deployment usually takes from 1 to 6 months.

Yes. Data Hub platform is essentially a backend system exposed as one API.

Yes, Data Hub platform supports SSO using OAuth 2.0, OpenId or SAML.

Yes, the platform and technologies are the same. Opinum and its partners can assist you with data migration.

Yes, Opinum has developed a local partner ecosystem you can contact to implement our solution.

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