B2C Smart Data Portal

Sitecare is a B2C Smart Data Portal for Power & Water utilities based on the Data Hub platform APIs. Sitecare lets B2C customers get access to their smart meters and smart devices data to better understand their consumptions and take actions.

  • Secure portal
  • White label
  • Customized dashboard
  • Responsive interface

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Give instant access to smart data and let user analyze its data with comparison, weather information and normalization


Let users add and visualize specific event to help them explain their data


Provide easy access to user to configure alerts on their consumption to prevent abnormal energy usage

Building characteristics

Let users add characteristics about their buildings to better benchmark their energy and water usage.


Provide easy-to-understand access information to let the user know how he/she use energy


Send automated and recurring reports by email to always keep the user informed.


Only share data the user should have access to. For example, based on building occupation dates or contract information


Let user switch in between multiple application using the same credentials thanks to SSO integration capabilities.

Data delegation

Let users decide with who their share their data and let them keep control on it.

Theme customization

Change colors, fonts, logo and make it your own portal with easy customization capabilities.


French, English, German, Dutch, … Sitecare works in the language your users speak.

Add new feature

As Sitecare is based on Data Hub platform you have a lot of extension capabilities to better serve your customers.

A B2C Smart Data Portal that adapts to your needs

Scale from small to large utilities

Sitecare Smart Data Portal leverages all the potential of the Data Hub platform and has already been deployed to small- & large-scale utilities.

SaaS and onprem solution

Sitecare Smart Data Portal can be deployed on a multi-tenant cloud or on an onprem infrastructure and is built on top of Open Source technologies.

Security by design

Sitecare Smart Data Portal is audited for
penetration testing by Cyber Security partners of Opinum. Our security policy complied with Power & Water Utilities policies.

Support, Services & training

Opinum covers your back by providing on-boarding & customization services to fullfil your requirements, our support team is here to help, the infrastructure team monitor 24/7 the execution of the service and we train your operational team to fully support your customers.


Whether you are on SaaS or enterprise offering, you always pay based on the usage you have of the platform. The yearly license for Sitecare Smart Data Portal is based on the number of devices / smart meters exposed by the portal.

Frequently asked questions

Depending on the scale and volume of data, deployment usually takes from 1 to 3 months.

No, Sitecare Smart Data Portal is off-the-shelf and all the customization is part of the services package.

Sitecare Smart Data Portal leverages the Data Hub platform APIs. Metadata and users access definition are sent using the master data and measurement data use the PUSH API. If you cannot be compliant with these format, Opinum can provide integration services that can be easily setup on the Data Hub platform.

Yes, the portal and technologies are the same and Opinum and its partners can assist you with data migration

Yes, Opinum has developed a local partner ecosystem you can contact to implement our solutions.

Yes, have a look at the Data Hub portal page.

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