Unleash the potential of data

Smart meter data visualisation

Access dashboards that will display all your timeseries data, and integrate those in other applications.

Billing based on smart meter data

Link Data Hub to your billing tool to have the most accurate billing information.

Leak detection

Place acoustic sensors, pressure and flow meters at strategic points to detect leaks in real-time.

Water quality monitoring

Use sensor data to constantly monitor water quality indicators like pH, turbidity, and contamination levels.

Forecast demand

Predict demand by applying strong algorithms to your data.

Your Customer engagement

Some of these services can be exposed to your customers. Enable your customers to act on their consumption and benefit from peer group benchmark.

Discover all our features

A complete solution to manage your timeseries data in one place

Our solution offers an integrated approach to your water data management needs. Forget about multiple, dispersed tools and systems. With our solution, you can collect and centralize all the data you need in one place: smart meters, scada data, on-the-grid IoT sensors etc.

Simplified data collection and a modular solution tailored to your specific needs

You can load your data automatically or manually. We also manage the ingestion of incoming data streams. Thanks to our modular solution, you can maintain your existing data model structure, simplifying the transition to our platform.

Quickly find the data you need

Connect your smart meter and billing data to our solution for a streamlined workflow. You can log in and work directly in our tool to view your data and perform quick searches using filters. Extract data in the desired format, create dashboards, generate Excel files or publish reports.

Anticipate demand and manage customer grouping contracts with ease

In addition to data centralization and consultation, our tool enables you to manage consumption, as well as different contract topologies (grouping, hosting and billing, etc.). So you have a complete solution for optimizing your water operations.


Configure alarms to be notified of consumption anomaly, or any relevant information.

Data Hub is a key element
in the IT system landscape of Utilities.

A flexible hosting solution to suit your preferences

We also offer you the flexibility to choose the hosting environment that suits your needs.