Super-charge your data

Opinum Data Hub platform exposes as one API all the features to collect, store, process and securely share data. It is the backbone to quickly develop timeseries data-oriented applications in the energy & water sector.

Use cases for energy
and environmental actors

Water Utilities

Opinum Data Hub is the go-to solution for Water Grid companies willing to improve grid operations (water leakage detection) and to propose new digital services to consumers (smart meter data portal & services).

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Power Utilities

Electrification is ongoing mega trend with more distributed renewable power capacity, the shift to electric vehiculs (EV) and the rise of energy communities. Data Hub provides agility to business and IT to better adapt to these changes.

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Renewable Power
Plant Operators

Optimizing renewable production output is key for energy transition. Opinum Data Hub offers all the necessary data processing features to better operate assets and predict failures leveraging data sciences capabilities.

Data Privacy

Opinum has a native API to configure data retention in the system. This API respects the principle of Privacy by Design. Opinum also has an API for the right to be forgotten. Moreover, Opinum is audited by an external DPO (Data Protection Officer).


Opinum Data Hub is audited by an external company regarding data security and business continuity procedures, ensuring a reliable management of data for our clients.


In Data Hub, you will be able to create your own dashboards, create alerts and manage your publications. You can deploy in Opinum Data Hub your own algorithms and connectors. You can also manage SSO. Data Hub can be deployed on a dedicated and controlled environment.


Opinum Data Hub has an API exposing data and functionalities of our backend. Opinum uses a concept of « API First » that allows an easy integration. Opinum Data Hub has a Master Data flow to provision or update configuration and properties in bulk.

Runs everywhere:

Start small, Scale fast

Opinum Data Hub is built on a scalable architecture. You can grow at your own pace and pay only for the usage you have of the platform.

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Complete Documentation

Data Hub is fully documented on our public documentation website.
The documentation addresses different needs and user profiles and helps you to be autonomous. As a user, you can learn how to use Data Hub through the user manual. Our technical documentation allows you to understand how to configure and integrate the Data Hub with external data and system.


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Technology integrators

Opinum also works with partners who can help you
with the implementation of Data Hub.

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